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          You are warmly welcome to our guided tours!               

                            Watch a short video of Lieksa, here




                                                                               Lieksa tourist guides at your service:  


                                                                                                      Sightseeing tour by bus 1,5 hours

                                                                                                        - centre of the town and surroundings,  

                                                                                                        the tour offers an introduction to Lieksa's past and present 

                                                                                                      New and old Lieksa   1,5 hours

                                                                                                        - a walking tour in the centre of the town         

                                                                                                      Guided tour at the Pielinen Museum 1,5 - 2 hours

                                                                                                       -  the 2nd largest open-air museum in Finland,

                                                                                                        farm houses with outbuildings from three centuries and

                                                                                                       a forest work section 

                                                                                                      Guided tour at the Rukajärvi Centre 1 hour

                                                                                                       - photos and objects related to Finnish soldiers' service at the Rukajärvi front in

                                                                                                         Russian Karelia during the 2nd world war                      

                                                                                                      Rukajärvi  Road  3 hours

                                                                                                       - 44 km long road from Lieksa railway station to the Russian  border,

                                                                                                       wartime battle structures 

                                                                                                     Guided tour to Monola granary on boat or by bus

                                                                                                       - visit to composer Jean Sibelius' honeymoon destination


                                                                                                     We are also happy to tailor a tour to your group’s interests.

                                                                                        If you would like to book a guided tour, please contact us  

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